Drown The Earth

from by Optic

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Gone away, I'll never have,
I've never been, I'll never breathe
without you nothing stops the fall,
I hit the floor and fall apart

Buried in the void
Filled with nothing but regret
What have I become?
Just a shell of a better man
Let them tear the walls
I don't want to breathe without you
I can hear the sound
Of the heart that will never beat again

Let the ocean in
Drown the earth in maritime dreary
If I never see the sun again
If I never wash ashore

Upon return I find the lab in ruin
and she's nowhere to be found
whatever happened must've taken an army
or some demon of the sea
There is a shock from the eastern quarter
I fall down to my knees
hit my head I black out for a moment
blood on my hand

Wanted only to sleep
what if I am dreaming
I want to remain in a comatose state
for the rest of my years

Running out of time I see the water closing in I feel the
pressure of the flood crushing the cabin all around me, save me

(Stay Behind)

Quickly man the vessel to escape the dire circumstances
Finding reasons to stay where I am, and drown the earth, just take me

(Stay Behind)

Run away
from the flood
sink with me
find your nightmare

Wasn't supposed to be a threat/I'm sorry
"For the good of man"/ gone too far
Didn't mean to hurt you / you hate us
I'm sorry / just hear me

If you look past hate
If you look past silence
I took care of you
You owe me my life

Spiraling down to the ocean floor
drifting in the empty grey
If it wasn't so bleak
It would be the perfect moment
Feel a familiar hand in mine
I can see her eyes through blood stained vision
if it wasn't so bleak
It would be the perfect moment


from Iris In, released September 26, 2013
Music by Optic
Lyrics by Steve Christopher



all rights reserved



As one of the few progressive bands on Long Island, Optic strives to maintain a level of musical integrity, both for ourselves, and for our audience. Our music is honest expression, whether it contains hope, depression, relief, or excitement; prepare yourself for an emotional journey unprecedented by our contemporaries. ... more

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