Iris In

by Optic

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    Dear Listener,
    We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for listening to our album. A lot of time and effort went into creating "Iris In". Not a moment of this album has been overlooked by us; we wanted to make sure each and every note carried with it what we wanted it to carry. Hopefully, it will result in a very enjoyable listening experience for you. It can not be over-stated how much we appreciate your support and patience. We can only hope that it is as worth the wait for you as it was for us. And now, we proudly present to you "Iris In". Thanks again for your support.

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Track Listing:
1. Hemlock
2. Blind Apathy
3. Falling From The Sky
4. Breathe New Life
5. Moment Of Impact
6. Withhold The Sun
7. Drown The Earth
8. Etched In Grey

Optic Is...
Steve Christopher- Guitars and Vocals
Scott Genovese- Drums and Percussion
Michael Intrieri- Bass Guitar
Kenny Mahoney- Lead Vocals
Ryan Patane- Keyboards and Vocals


released September 26, 2013

All music by Optic
Lyrics by Steve Christopher, Except "Falling From The Sky", Lyrics by Steve Christopher and Ryan Patane
Produced, Mixed, and Master by Ray Marte and Anthony Lopardo
Recorded at Westfall Recording Company, Farmingdale, New York
Album Art and Design by Martin Clark Bridge (
Optic Logo Design by Steven G. Ross

Ⓟ 2013 Ryan Vincent Patane, Steve Christopher, Scott Genovese, Michael Intrieri, Kenny Mahoney
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved



As one of the few progressive bands on Long Island, Optic strives to maintain a level of musical integrity, both for ourselves, and for our audience. Our music is honest expression, whether it contains hope, depression, relief, or excitement; prepare yourself for an emotional journey unprecedented by our contemporaries. ... more

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Track Name: Hemlock
Track Name: Blind Apathy
Once upon a time, this memory, it wasn't mine
I could brush away the devil's hand
If you could crack open darkness in my mind
you'd unleash it on the world

Dying one minute at a time
By my own will I am blind
A shallow breath, a constant stare, a blank expression on my face
The weakness, the sorrow, beneath my gaze.

You will bring me to the point of
Numbness, I will cease to exist

Your hands, under guise of "helping"
will be stained with our blood
spare you conscience the guilt and grieving
and let me die alone
There is a dark, foreboding nightmare
Imprinted on my eyes
Just to blink will awaken my demons
To tear away my disguise

Endless sessions, across from my "peers"
Deepest depression, willful end is near
A shower of bastards, the lot of you
Keep your hands off, keep your heads turned away.

Distorted perception; reality
Contortion of my insides
Fuse lights the burning intensity
Unending feelings of apathy
Track Name: Falling From The Sky
Like a bird with broken wings, like the only rain in an empty sky
Like a flower in bloom in the dead of winter I'm alive
I exist in the reflections in your eyes, and all the others
Flying high, reaping all my hope to calmly die

Falling from the sky
a catastrophe
Every little lie
It's a tragedy all will see
Falling ever high
from the sky above
Psychotic and despised
Spiral into the darkness, I'm

Falling from the sky
running out of time
to make myself
an alibi
Falling from the sky
an emptiness
a lack of drive
consumes my life

I'm not done
hide the sun
I wanna die
Don't ask why I lie
Always afraid
trapped, encaged
Run, rabbit, run
Fear a dying sun

You've thought of everything
you know of nothing
I don't have a disorder
I'm just consumed with boredom

I'll take it on
Everything or nothing
Lie to me one more time
Everything or nothing

I was fine before you came along
Prescription drugs are just a way to deal with boredom
You won't be satisfied without a diagnosis
because of you I am developing psychosis

(Time Gone
I fall
Black days
We Crawl)

With death we share a smoky kiss
the air is thick with bitterness
with little time our throats are slit
one final dance with ignorance
Track Name: Breathe New Life
Sailing across a sea of blackness, stars and sky
left to the dogs, accepted fate, this is where I die
Spirit so rich, once filled with life has fallen from grace
It is I alone, at your behest in (space)

What if there was life to live
another place to get and give
another world to call my home
If only I could prove to them
that life for me won't have to end
You call on me, I'm the prophet of my destiny

Far from what I've seen
without strife
Far from where I've been
Breathe new life
Symbols of a life once loved and lost
I believe that with your strength I'll see
A shattered glass road, an ocean's distain, I will pick up the pieces, I am through with this pain

Never forget, never surrender to society's call
People moved on, they stopped believing I would conquer this all
My world decayed, I died again, but I will prevail
I'm on my own, I'll return to find you well

There is hope, a place to live
Where trees of life don't cease to give
I'm trying to save my life
A shot of blue comes into view
Good spirits I will take in lieu
You've answered me, I'm made my own prophecy
Track Name: Moment Of Impact
Track Name: Withhold The Sun
Suddenly you fell from the sky
Quickly I left you behind
The scars will open in time
Will I ever find you again?

Shut up, don't speak the words
it's not what they wanna hear
Withhold your narrow mind
That drives away your peers
If nothing seems so good
then how are you exempt?
The only strain of conceit
"I hate myself more than you"

Give it up, you're only greener
Give it up, you're getting meaner
Give it up, you're growing colder
You can't help from getting older

Don't wanna go, I wanna stay right here
With you, I realize I'm impossible to bear
Orphan the pessimist, how can you stand the sight?
Breathe in the air before you suffocate, and die in the sun

I am drowning, I'm pulling you down
Take me out back, put this joke to an end
"The world is so dark to me"
Who am I to judge for you?
Track Name: Drown The Earth
Gone away, I'll never have,
I've never been, I'll never breathe
without you nothing stops the fall,
I hit the floor and fall apart

Buried in the void
Filled with nothing but regret
What have I become?
Just a shell of a better man
Let them tear the walls
I don't want to breathe without you
I can hear the sound
Of the heart that will never beat again

Let the ocean in
Drown the earth in maritime dreary
If I never see the sun again
If I never wash ashore

Upon return I find the lab in ruin
and she's nowhere to be found
whatever happened must've taken an army
or some demon of the sea
There is a shock from the eastern quarter
I fall down to my knees
hit my head I black out for a moment
blood on my hand

Wanted only to sleep
what if I am dreaming
I want to remain in a comatose state
for the rest of my years

Running out of time I see the water closing in I feel the
pressure of the flood crushing the cabin all around me, save me

(Stay Behind)

Quickly man the vessel to escape the dire circumstances
Finding reasons to stay where I am, and drown the earth, just take me

(Stay Behind)

Run away
from the flood
sink with me
find your nightmare

Wasn't supposed to be a threat/I'm sorry
"For the good of man"/ gone too far
Didn't mean to hurt you / you hate us
I'm sorry / just hear me

If you look past hate
If you look past silence
I took care of you
You owe me my life

Spiraling down to the ocean floor
drifting in the empty grey
If it wasn't so bleak
It would be the perfect moment
Feel a familiar hand in mine
I can see her eyes through blood stained vision
if it wasn't so bleak
It would be the perfect moment
Track Name: Etched In Grey
Now I’m done
we’ve lost the sun
I’m on my way
I call out your name

and when the echo carries
right back to me

would you let me help you
scratch out my name?

The echo will find you
somehow, someway

Now you’re done
a smoking gun
a crumpled page
lost in the stain

long awaited answers
all washed away

If you let me carry you
out of the rain

the rain will find you
somewhere, someday